• Vision Statement

    NCTRC will be a transformative center where participants maximize their potential through

    high quality equine centered activities and therapies. We will objectively measure benefits,

    collaborate with leading teaching and research centers, and build sustainable support to achieve continued growth.

    Mission Statement

    The North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center (NCTRC) empowers children and adults

    with physical, mental, emotional and social challenges

    to create more active, healthy and fulfilling lives through equine assisted activities and therapies.


    We value ACCESS for each client which fulfills the mission of NCTRC.


    Acceptance – We respect the dignity of every person, regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or creed.

    Collaboration – We actively pursue collaboration and partnerships which are mutually beneficial.

    Community – We believe in cultivating a compassionate environment where amazing things happen as people come together for a common cause.

    Excellence – We are committed to providing exceptional services and continual education for our board, staff, equines, and volunteers.

    Sincerity – Integrity and respect are the foundation of all of our activities.

    Stewardship - We are dedicated to providing care and safety for all people, animals and natural resources held in our trust.