• Partners

    We are grateful for the support of these businesses,

    and hope you will consider supporting them.

    Triangle Equine

    Mobile Veterinary Services

    Comprehensive Veterinary Care

    Dr. Sally Vivrette and her associates keep our herd in the best possible health.

    McKnight Equine

    Mobile Veterinary Services

    Chiropractic and Acupuncture

    Dr. Blades McKnight provides chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to keep our herd comfortable.

    Mebane Equine Bodyworks

    Saddle Fitting and Equine Massage

    Tara Cobb Mebane is an independent certified saddle fitter who ensures that our horses' saddles fit correctly, and provides massage therapy to keep them comfortable.

    Timmy Hall


    Timmy trims and shoes our horses on a consistent basis to keep their hooves in the best possible condition.

    Jean McDowall Fine Art

    Commissioned Pet Portraits

    Jean McDowall donates a percentage of any portrait painting commission when NCTRC is mentioned.

    Organic Cowboy

    Biological Fly Control

    Biological fly control is a time-honored method of controlling flies without the use of pesticides.


    Survey Software

    QuestionPro provides unparalleled insights and just launched enterprise features including Communities, Customer Experience, Workforce and Mobile.


    Horse Treats

    A soft treat that your horse will not be able to resist! All-natural horse treats containing wheat bran, oats, molasses, barley, corn and flax seed.