• Our therapeutic riding classes are taught by PATH certified instructors who focus on engaging students in fun games and activities that will teach riding skills, while improving physical, emotional, and social areas. Each rider is accompanied by a horse leader and sidewalker making for a welcoming, friendly, and social environment.


    New clients must take a one time evaluation, costing $55. Group classes cost $30 per week and private classes cost $45-60 per week. Services may qualify for payment via your Health Savings Account, depending on your policy's requirements, and financial aid is available.


    If you're interested in our program please download and complete a new client application. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to call 919-304-1009, or email us.

  • Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

    Physical Benefits

    Our riders make gains in strength, balance, motor coordination, and more.

    Emotional Benefits

    Our riders see improvements in self-confidence, self-image, independence, and more.

    Cognitive Benefits

    Our riders practice planning, cause and effect, memory, body awareness, attention span, social interaction, and more.